Most Common Places Where Germs Live In Your Office

Keeping your office clean is hard to do throughout the year but during winter, it is even harder because germs are literally everywhere! So you should take extra steps to keep your office germ-free which will result in a healthier and safer work environment for everyone. Here are some of the most common places where germs might be hiding in your office.

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  • Door knobs

It is simply impossible to enter your office without touching a door knob. But, all other people who will enter will touch it as well. That’s why door knobs are simply filled with germs and they are the first and most important thing to clean. Important: If your office accepts clients every day, door knobs should be cleaned every single day!

  • Computer mouse and a keyboard

Once you sit at your desk, the computer mouse and keyboard are the first things you will touch. Even more importantly, you will probably work with them the entire day. Sweat, moisture, bacteria and germs will become a constant issue on these items, and their number will go in one direction only, up! Sharing these components with your colleagues will only make the things worse. New cleaning solutions are sensitive and friendly to the computer equipment, so there isn’t the risk of damaging them.

  • Phones

When you use a phone, you will dial or answer a call and then place headphone to your head. Almost all people (98%, according to a survey) will touch their face, lips or eyes while having a phone call. All of this increases the risk germs spreading everywhere. All you need to do is to clean your phone as often as possible. Make it a habit, that you will clean your phone everyday before you use it.

  • Tables/countertops

The rule with germs is actually simple. They prefer high ground and these are the first places to clean, tables and countertops should be one of your priorities. They usually have fewer germs than aforementioned areas, but they are dangerous as well. If you work with documents, items or anything else that will have contact with an office desk, cleaning the surface in question is even more important.

  • Office furniture

In essence, office furniture is a huge ground for germs to multiply and spread. All elements and areas of the furniture are the perfect environment for different germs. Leather, plastics, eco-leather are probably the most favorite materials for germs and viruses! We cannot stress enough how important cleaning the entire office furniture is. Equally important is cleaning all the parts and areas of the furniture, so don’t forget about the handles, wheels, stands and etc.

We have to add that germs will also be present on office supplies, office items and even on the cleaning tools! Public areas are an even more severe threat that should be sorted with more attention.