5 Must Have Cleaning Supplies

One should always clean their house regularly. Cleanliness keep you away from diseases. There are many cleaning products available in market nowadays that can help you out in cleaning your tile floors, carpets, furniture, clothing and many more. Some of the essential ones are listed below.

First is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool which should be used in every household. It helps to remove dirt and dust particles easily from the carpeted and the non-carpeted areas. Some vacuum cleaner attachments can help you clean your furniture, hair (pet and human), and remove and refresh everything as you. If you are a pet owner, a vacuum cleaner is something you should own.

Dishwashers are the other equipment which can help you to wash your dishes. It saves your lot of time and effort and also some of the dishwashers use very less amount of water and are very efficient. Not everybody has a dishwasher at their homes.

Washing machines are the other products which has helped human to clean their clothes easily at their homes. Nowadays, every household has a washing machine at their home. Washing machines have made our life easier. Now, you can also dry your clothes in the machine itself instead of hanging it around.

Mops (Wet and Dry) are the other requirements that are required in the house. To clean your stained floors, a wet mop can be used which easily helps in cleaning. To dust out the dirt particles from your furniture or window sill you can use a dry mop. Brooms are also used in almost every household. You can easily clean up the dust and dirt particles lying on the uncarpeted floor with the help of broom.

Some cleaning products are also used which can range from window cleaners, wood polish and bleach to white vinegar and baking soda. To clean the windows without streaking, you can use window cleaners. These help to clean the windows easily. Because every print on the window, rainfall drops can easily be seen and creates an imprint, cleaning with water is just not sufficient. White vinegar can also be used for the same purpose and can be used to remove odour from the carpeted floors. Baking soda is also one of the important household cleaning product and remedy which can help you get rid of all the foul odour smell. You can also use baking soda to deep clean your pots, pans and bathtubs to clean up the stains if any. Wood polish can help to remove dust from your furniture. These generally remove dirt and dust particles from the furniture and give it a glossy look. A thin layer of coating can be seen after you apply wood polish which aid in protection. Bleach products are also used nowadays to sanitize the surfaces and clean up the floor and whiten them. These can be highly toxic but are required for cleaning and sanitizing purposes.

Using all these products can save your time, effort and energy when it comes to cleaning your house chores. Hope this helps!

Most Common Places Where Germs Live In Your Office

Keeping your office clean is hard to do throughout the year but during winter, it is even harder because germs are literally everywhere! So you should take extra steps to keep your office germ-free which will result in a healthier and safer work environment for everyone. Here are some of the most common places where germs might be hiding in your office.

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  • Door knobs

It is simply impossible to enter your office without touching a door knob. But, all other people who will enter will touch it as well. That’s why door knobs are simply filled with germs and they are the first and most important thing to clean. Important: If your office accepts clients every day, door knobs should be cleaned every single day!

  • Computer mouse and a keyboard

Once you sit at your desk, the computer mouse and keyboard are the first things you will touch. Even more importantly, you will probably work with them the entire day. Sweat, moisture, bacteria and germs will become a constant issue on these items, and their number will go in one direction only, up! Sharing these components with your colleagues will only make the things worse. New cleaning solutions are sensitive and friendly to the computer equipment, so there isn’t the risk of damaging them.

  • Phones

When you use a phone, you will dial or answer a call and then place headphone to your head. Almost all people (98%, according to a survey) will touch their face, lips or eyes while having a phone call. All of this increases the risk germs spreading everywhere. All you need to do is to clean your phone as often as possible. Make it a habit, that you will clean your phone everyday before you use it.

  • Tables/countertops

The rule with germs is actually simple. They prefer high ground and these are the first places to clean, tables and countertops should be one of your priorities. They usually have fewer germs than aforementioned areas, but they are dangerous as well. If you work with documents, items or anything else that will have contact with an office desk, cleaning the surface in question is even more important.

  • Office furniture

In essence, office furniture is a huge ground for germs to multiply and spread. All elements and areas of the furniture are the perfect environment for different germs. Leather, plastics, eco-leather are probably the most favorite materials for germs and viruses! We cannot stress enough how important cleaning the entire office furniture is. Equally important is cleaning all the parts and areas of the furniture, so don’t forget about the handles, wheels, stands and etc.

We have to add that germs will also be present on office supplies, office items and even on the cleaning tools! Public areas are an even more severe threat that should be sorted with more attention.

Why You Should Hire A Cleaner For Your Office

If you are the business owner who cleans the office daily, then it is time to delegate this responsibility to a professional. Why? That is because you are the owner and head whose main responsibility is to delegate all office tasks to the right people and take a follow-up of the same. It is not your work to clean the office, even if you have just two people working in your office.

Your job is to focus on core business jobs and other commitments outside of the office. One of your core jobs is to give the cleaning obligation to a professional cleaning agency that not only keeps the office clean but also sustains the motivations to do so.

It is ideal for your office staff to work in an immaculate environment as well as for the client visitors who draws the first impression of your business efficiency from the cleanliness of your office.

Well, there are many benefits of having a professional cleaner for your workplace. Here are a few reason why you should hire a cleaner for your office.

Clean up your office now!

Save Money and Time

“I had stored an industrial size box in the office just last week. Why I am unable to find it?” Okay, this is something that most office people tend to say and experience, especially when lots of files, papers, stationery items, and dust pile up to make your life hell.

However, if you give this opportunity to a dedicated person who is only responsible for cleaning, things are better organized and desks look clean all the time without increasing your supply budget. This is because the cleaner shall use the things that you already have brought before you go for more.

Enjoy a Professional Approach

Hiring a cleaning service ensures that not only your office will look clean on the surface but will also shine. With proper tools and training, the professional cleaner organizes in such a way that leaves behind only peace of mind and visual persuasion to work efficiently. This is ultimately a cost saver in the long run.

Gain a Healthy Working Space

It is obvious that a dirty workplace is a breeding ground of many diseases, which negatively affect the health of your employees. It not only attracts germs but also stress, which is unfavorable for your employees. With stress and germs, it takes no time for your colleagues to fall sick. As a result, their productivity also decreases.

Boost Work Concentration

Cleaning the office is an indispensable task. If you do not hire a cleaner for your office, this work or burden falls on the shoulders of the busy working employees. When they start the cleaning job, it is natural for them to lose focus on their work and start concentrating on cleaning the workplace. This is certainly not the task for which you pay them.

A clean workplace always motivates the workers to work more swiftly and efficiently. This itself increases both overall and individual productivity at the end. Ultimately, their confidence increases and they can get your tasks done faster.